Every small contribution made by us should make people's lives happy and comfortable.

Humanitarian Hope Alive Network took an entry into the field of service by extending information, guidance and counseling to economically weak and under privileged people. Every little deed is something that makes people's lives happier and easier.

Services for Orphans:
The organization takes care of orphan and abandoned children of the society, Providing them with food, clothing, shelter and education. Humanitarian Hope Alive Network's one of the main objectives is to up bring these less fortunate children of the society in a devine environment, inculcate good discipline and shape them into good citizens. We also provides service in these various ways:
- Providing free facilities like medical, education and food to orphan and abandoned children in the society. We need to develop them holistically so that they discover their identity and mentored as important members in the community.
- We intend to provide scholarships to meritorious orphan students out side this organization also,
- Saving the street children and protecting them from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence in all regions of the society for their future and provide all the facilities needed to make them responsible loving children.

Services for Poor :
Feeding a poor child is not charity. It's our obligation and duty to the society. Poor children around the world often find themselves fighting to stay alive each day. Children living in poverty do not just lack finances these children often go without food, water, health care and education. Many times, poor children also face each day without hope.
We also provides service in these various ways:
- Providing free facilities like medical, education and food to poor children in the society. OPEN HEART gives foremost importance towards education of the children. - Humanitarian Hope Alive Network believes that only education can make the children confident and self sustaining. We impart value based education not only to orphans but also to children belonging to economically weak families.
- Providing any sort of assistance to poor/economically weak students presently undergoing education in various government and private educational institutions.
- Providing technical training programs in computers, electrical and mechanical fields.
- Our strong desire is to make people aware of continuous flow of information. Our ambition is to create an open library and our task is to support learning, observe how learning takes place and pave the way for poor and economically backward students in their search for information.

Services for Old Age People :
In the modern African tradition culture of joint family systems is slowly but steadily vanishing giving way to nuclear family system. People are becoming more and more selfish. The aged who were looked upon with respect and for guidance in the past are increasingly finding themselves alienated, with their children migrating to cities and metros as also abroad in search of greener pastures.
We also provides service in these various ways:
-Starting old age homes to offer care and love born out of gratitude to these senior citizens.
-Establishing a structured and family environment.
-Conducting emotional, social and intellectual developing programs.
-Providing separate health care system to cater to the need of the old age people.

Services for Women :
Humanitarian Hope Alive Network is announcing a good news that resources will be made available for abused and battered women by offering vocational training, legal services and child care. We believe in empowerment of women. Humanitarian Hope Alive Network not only will educate the women but also train them in our various vocational training programs like tailoring, handicraft, making candles, chalk pieces, incense sticks, soap powder, phenyl etc. Once they are involved in these activities, it gives them the satisfaction that they are useful to the society and also gives a confidence that they are capable of doing better to live on their own.

Services for Environment :
Humanitarian Hope Alive Network does play a greater role to plant trees and to make people aware of importance of plants and reduce pollution in the environment. Humanitarian Hope Alive Network creates awareness among community and students of different schools and colleges to impart technical / extension know how to thwart population . Hence the beauty of the earth is restored in all it's magnificent Manifestations to protect the nature.

Mission Activities

We train young men from grass root level with a systematic and effective teaching of community organization. At present they are undergoing training and now they are involved in field work in forming care cells in order to establish a caring community in their respective places. We support country women to reach economic independence. Women get training in manufacturing paper toys and clay products and enterprenuer skills(sewing, small chops etc).

Current Projects

Humanitarian Hope Alive Network is a humanitarian organization working to create lasting changes in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. Education is the basic need of the society. We extend helping hand to those who are deprived of the basic education in what ever way it is possible. The Humanitarian Hope Alive Network Trust is to minimize human suffering among vulnerable groups having HIV / AIDS. AIDS gradually destroys the bodys immune defense system and makes the body vulnerable to opportunistic diseases.


Humanitarian coordination seeks to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian response by ensuring greater predictability, accountability and partnership.