Mission Activities

We provide food items and clothing to orphanages, the homeless and internally displaced persons occupying various camps established for victims of Farmers/Herders conflicts as well as displaced persons due to boko haram terrorist activities in the North East region of Nigeria. We also provide entrepreneurial training for widows, rehabilitated drug addicts, etc. and thereafter empower them to eke out a living for themselves.

Current Projects

Humanitarian Hope Alive Network is a humanitarian organization working to create lasting changes in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. Education is the basic need of the society. We extend helping hand to those who are deprived of the basic education in what ever way it is possible. The Humanitarian Hope Alive Network Trust is to minimize human suffering among vulnerable groups having HIV / AIDS. AIDS gradually destroys the bodys immune defense system and makes the body vulnerable to opportunistic diseases.


Humanitarian coordination seeks to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian response by ensuring greater predictability, accountability and partnership.